Managing bookings can be a tricky business for many hotels. Some hotels may suffer due to under booking, while others may have overbooking or double-booking rooms. The operational phase encompasses various factors. The hospitality sector administration is always in search of innovative ideas to generate notable ROI and maximum profit.

We included a list of some effective solutions to surmount these issues through our research.

Overbooking in Hotels

Overbooking is about selling more rooms than you have available in the hotel inventory. Rooms are overbooked either inadvertently, when all the sources of booking are not synced, or intentionally as a revenue strategy. It is a tactic to counter no-shows and last moment cancellations. But when it rebounds, it leaves you with irate guests and a tarnished market reputation.

Tips for handling overbooking in hotels:

  • You need an automated property management system to pull off overbooking.

  • Get an online internet booking engine with the provision of on-the-spot payment. So that you can impose a cancellation fee if the customers back out last moment. It will discourage the customers from cancelling, and you won’t be a problem with overbooking.

  • Proper channel management of all the booking channels like OTAs, travel agents, and hotel booking engines is vital.

  • Back up with a contingency plan of some nearest hotel for your guests to stay. It will reduce their anger to some extent.

Double booking in Hotels

Double booking is a scenario where one room is allotted to more than one guest for the same room on the same date. It can happen in two scenarios, either when you overbook, or when you do not have a quality management system set up with a channel manager.

Tips for handling double booking in hotels:

  • Get a channel manager where guests from all the medium search and your contactless property management system can view the real-time status of the rooms. A revenue management software can do this task for you.

  • Assure your staff is quickly enrolling direct walk-ins, phone booking, and phone cancellation in the system.

Under booking in Hotels

More hotel rooms remain empty than they should be in under booking scenario. It occurs because one platform might not be able to a sale beyond its assigned inventory.

Tips for handling under booking in hotels:

  • A combination of different channels at one platform is the solution to under booking in hotels. Whenever a booking medium runs out of inventory, it should quickly receive the available share from other channels.

There are multiple property management systems available in the market. But they are going to lack proper channel management to support dealing with the problems. You can avoid these uncertain situations by adapting Yorevere all in one revenue management software. It will unite different booking channels on one platform.