Every hotelier likes to make more profit out of every booking and given a chance, they will do everything possible to increase your hotel revenues. Before starting the examination of a channel manager, let us delve into why the software is essential. Hotel PMS channel manager has become jargon in the industry. In the pursuit of more bookings, hoteliers are connecting with more and more 3rd party booking sources. So coming to the point without wasting time – adopt a hotel booking engine. This useful solution will enable you to sell more rooms directly via your hotel website and other social media platforms.

Know about channel manager software

Let's consider you are distributing your hotel rooms through multiple Global Distribution Systems, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), your Website Internet Booking Engine. All these mediums are known as sales distribution channels. There is no doubt one can manage all these channels manually. So, here is where hotel channel manager software comes into the picture to have centralized control over your room distribution and rate management across all these sales channels.

What if you can automate this process and get rid of arduous manual operations? Wouldn’t it be a giant relief? Hence, for you to get a channel manager and ease up, we have compiled some topmost reasons as to why hotels require a channel manager.

1. Appending New Booking Channels For Your Hotels

An omnichannel booking strategy is best for any season. Through this hoteliers do not have to depend on confined booking sources. The more sources that accompany your booking, the more reliable and safer it is for your business. Implementing the best hotel channel manager software at your property gives you access to multiple connected channels. It enables hoteliers to bridge your property with all those booking platforms, illustrates your inventory to mobs of bookers looking for accommodation in your city, and brings you paid bookings.

2. User-Friendly Single Dashboard

Irksome rate management becomes hassle-free once you use a channel manager to do that.

It gives you an insightful summary of inventory and rates categorized on all connected channels.

One can post and manage explicit room rates and inventory allocation with minimum effort.

Easily sync room inventory & rates to the moment across all channels.

You can post restrictions and inclusions; while processing new, modified, and canceled reservations centrally.

Rates on various OTAs, rental portals, different platforms, and also your website; manage it from one place.

Manage multiple properties too.

3. Minimize overbookings and make use of the entire inventory

A channel manager extends up with several built-in mechanisms that help you efficiently prevent overbookings. Seldom, you might end up taking more bookings than your physical potential capacity, and end up with your inventory being oversold.

Due to some human glitch or technical errors might cost your hotel reputation, decreasing customer faith. So, in such situations, the channel manager keeps on working in the back-end repetitive times until a request sent to OTA is not propitious to save you from more selling. After that, it notifies you too with fulfilling status. Therefore, it is vital to have a channel manager because you understand you cannot bear to sit and keep a check on updates related to OTAs and their stations.

4. Having Smooth Rate Parity

Sometimes it can be precarious to see your demand increased, and you want to avail the most out of it. The idea would be to give out rooms at discounted prices that can be a cakewalk with the channel manager.

Channel Manager software developed to automatically maintain cost-effective prices to ensure that any changes you make on the system are consistently updated across all platforms in real-time. Thus, you can avoid rate variation and intensify your hotel’s online reputation.

Everything is automated at your fingertips. You only need to send a request, and the system does it for you. Instead of long manual processes, you can concentrate and strategize better.