The Hotel PMS has grown ahead of core functions like inventory, reservations, housekeeping, and room allotments, to include all areas of hotel operations.

The simplest way to grow your hotel revenue while delivering an unforgettable guest experience is by exercising a powerful cloud-based hotel property management system(PMS).

The right PMS is a pivotal factor in hotel success. Having a system that makes front desk workflows smooth will create a seamless customer experience.

Working with a cloud-based PMS system, where regular updates are made, will help you control your property from any place, at any time, from any device.

Yorevere hotel property management system (PMS) is designed for the smart hotelier. It offers an impeccable solution for hoteliers to improve ROI.

If you are not tech-savvy or are just reluctant to bound of faith as a beginner user, here are some features that set the Yorevere property management system (PMS) apart –

1. Cloud-Based Operations

Having a hotel management system enables hoteliers to save a large amount of data. To maintain safety, the data is received in one secure location. Yet, this data can all be obtained remotely at any time on any device. As it can be managed remotely, you no longer need to rely on a distinct location or computer to operate your hotel.

2. Strengthens Multiple Functions

Internet Booking Engine -

A booking engine is an excellent way to increase bookings without squandering any commission. This ingenious software is perfect for hoteliers who want to accelerate direct bookings and generate higher revenues.

Channel Manager -

Blending a channel manager with hotel PMS software works on a combined inventory model. The room prices and availability are automatically refreshed across all channels whenever a booking is made.

POS Management -

You no longer have to check for bills and run audits at every POS. With a simple design and unified management, POS saves both time and money.

Contactless Payment Solution -

The contactless solution payment in the software can be connected with your property management system. This will benefit you process payments, deposits, and returns digitally.

Yorevere Lite App -

A mobile-based hotel management App, bound with compelling features to streamline & automate your business process while boosting your staff productivity and guest well-being.

Smoothly integrating software gives hoteliers the most seamless operating experience. Yorevere offers the best hotel property management system for small to mid-sized hotels.