Perfect moments and personalized encounters are trending words in the travel industry. Over the last few years, traveling has become a more seamless experience.

The year 2020 was an unprecedented event that changed the way business was done. In a global atmosphere governed by health concerns, the hotel industry finds itself struggling to encourage consumer faith while also working hard to protect both guests and employees against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cloud-based hotel management software technology, a key of technologies, offers solutions to both hurdles simultaneously.

Remote Services

Online contactless check-in and check-out are the most novel enhancement to hospitality’s evolving needs in the post-pandemic times. These features form an imperative part of the contact-free customer experience.

Besides, allowing guests to enter their details beforehand helps to save time. Because no one likes to wait in a queue at the desk after they have arrived from a prolonged flight. It also lessens exposure to physical touchpoints. Similarly, when it comes to check-out, instead of waiting to drop off the key, guests can just leave the property with a mere tap on their smartphone.

Future of Contactless Services

COVID-19 has indeed expedited the strain of new technologies and reinforcements into hotel operations. The hotel industry has fundamentally been focused on human service. But as trends are changing, customer behavior is also unfolding. Therefore, it is no blow that a contactless customer experience is here to stay. Rovers across the world have already begun to adopt digital payment solutions such as Google Pay to simplify their payment process. The Covid-19 pandemic has hastened this trend promoting more hoteliers to adapt their behaviour and embrace technology.

Contactless Hotel Solutions from Yorevere

Enduring up with the current situation, Yorevere is advancing in innovative techniques to deliver a digital experience to guests. Yorevere has integrated its software to allow guests to go for contactless check-in / check-out from the comfort of their rooms. Guests can use their mobiles to clear dues and perform the room check-out process without halting at the front desk.

The hoteliers have earned a positive reputation by helping guests jump from busy check-out queues. The Contactless Check-Out process is remarkably user-friendly. It works perfectly in sync with Yorevere PMS.

This novel feature also updates the room and housekeeping status on the front desk dashboard spontaneously.

The main aim for most hotels in the post-COVID is revival. To get ahead of the competition, hoteliers need to start acquiring and embracing technological solutions. Investing in hospitality technology not only streamlines operational responsibilities but also supports delivering an enhanced guest experience.