2020 was an exceptional year. We have all gone through the effects of the pandemic and between anxiety and despair, the travel industry has hit hard. This drastic change has resulted in various challenges in the hospitality industry. With heavy preventive measures taken and sanctioned, many places around the world have started to open for traveling.

Competition is getting higher day by day with discounted prices everywhere. We need to keep in mind that we are still in the middle of a pandemic even though most of the places are opening and opening. We need to dispose of old strategies and welcome new, innovative ones that will assure us business.

Here are some points that would help you in expanding revenue without additional loss.

Contactless Services

Maintaining social distance is the guidelines given by the higher authorities. Individuals are too focused on maintaining a safe distance from each other for precautionary benefits. The contactless services have become critical solutions and it helps guests feel secure and convenient.

Some of the contactless results are,

  • Valet services

  • Mobile app for contactless check-in and check-out

  • Customer feedback form

  • QR code and app to access the restaurant menu and amenities

Assimilating the systems from pre to post-booking can be more expensive in financial terms as well as in customer experience. A reliable property management system has the power to deliver phenomenal principles and flawless experience to its clients and hence help in expanding the business.

Target Corporate Tourist

It is a digital era, having a virtual meeting has become a new normal. But many companies still believe in a face-to-face meeting to go business well. Therefore, there is a high chance of recovering corporate tourists.

Hoteliers need to be ready with good amenities and packages to fulfill client’s requirements. Such as offering new customer loyalty programs, strong wi-fi connection, workspace with comfortable desks and chairs. Create a customized package to host events.

Upselling & Cross-selling

A great way to boost hotel revenue is upselling and cross-selling. Prior to booking a room, your clients browse through your websites and the services you provide. Including the relevant offers throughout the websites that guests cannot refuse.

You can offer,

  • Upgrade room with some add-on charge

  • Adding perks like service, breakfast

  • Providing additional discounts for providing more than one room

  • Reward Program for regular customers

Assimilating multiple software from pre-booking to post check-out can be a fancy affair financially. Trusted hospitality management software can help you deliver exceptional value with a seamless solution.