Hotel business is increasing day-by-day and is on a continuous rise. This, therefore, has resulted in fierce competition to garner visitors.

While many hotels have great facilities, there is still room for improvement and stand apart.

No matter how good your cuisines are, how good your hotel rooms are, a great guest experience leaves a lasting impression.

By improving your guest experience, you can not only have your hotel rooms booked and increase your hotel revenue but also attract them to visit your hotel again and again.

A good guest experience has a lasting impression on him/her and he/she makes sure to visit your hotel next time when he’s around.

1. Pre-booking follow up

Your management with your guests begins as soon as they book your hotel. As a matter of concern and showing proactivity, take the approach to find out what preferences the respective guests would like to be offered.

Make them aware that you are ready to serve them in the best possible way either by email communication or phone call.

You can also appreciate their decision of choosing your hotel and know about their particular interests. This will help you to give individual attention to each and every guest.

The guest will be enlightened by your approach of giving individual attention and honoring their direct booking.

A great pre-booking follow up makes the guest curious and enthusiastic to visit your hotel.

2. Post-arrival engagement

You don’t want to disappoint your guest after having given them such a pleasant pre-booking follow up.

If you are not up to the standard that you have set up for yourselves, the guest will feel let down. This will hamper your hotel’s image and relevance.

You can avoid this though and maintain the guest experience satisfaction.

Greet them with a pleasant smile and make them feel comfortable.

Allow them to select their desired rooms and if the room is not available, give them the best possible option. Maintain proper cleanliness and neat formatting of rooms.

No one appreciates being told to wait for a long duration. While there might be times when a situation arises and you have to wait, give your 100% to make the check-in process hassle-free and smooth, for which hoteliers can opt for contactless check in.

3. Give them a memorable experience

Make your staff members align with the values of integrity, empathy and help them to provide great service to the guests.

Go above and beyond with your hospitality service and serve them great cuisines.

Answer their calls with the intent of helping them and not just as part of formality.

Follow their interests and specific preferences you had asked them for and make it available for them. If they still like to add up to the list, don’t ignore and evade them. Instead, take that extra step to help them with their needs.

These small things will have a huge impact on them and they will become the advertiser of your hotel singing praises and spreading word of mouth.

4. Offer incentives

Take care of your regular loyal customers by providing them limited offers, special discounts, incentives, etc.

It curbs everyone’s growth, instills ill thoughts and more importantly destroys the foundation of an organization. No one can always be positive due to their happenings in personal lives, but we can definitely avoid negativity from our body language. You should give them an upper hand to make them feel special. This will let many other guests be your frequent visitors and avail of these special offers.

This doesn’t mean you should not treat your first-time guests with great service. You also can provide them with a few of the incentives to encourage them to enjoy more discounts and special offers if they become loyal to you.

No matter how much discount or special incentives you provide, if your service is not aligning with their expectation you wouldn’t be able to garner their presence.

5. Encourage them to book on your website

This directly contributes to your hotel revenue and saves you a lot of time. While encouraging them to book on your website, you save on hefty OTA commissions.

Make them know about the benefits they would have at their disposal if they directly book from your website.

They will save time and it would be easy for them as they have just filled out your form. This is time-saving as they won’t have to go through OTA’s searching for their desired hotels.

They would also be not sure of the service they will receive when they have a lot of options to select from.

After you have provided a memorable experience and great service, they will just be a click away to book your hotel from your website.

All this is only possible if you have provided them with great service to remember that they will abide by your advice.