It is no rocket science to acknowledge the importance of values and principles to lead a successful hotel organization. A great business stands on firm values that needs to be practiced every single second to achieve what the hoteliers desire to achieve.

There are so many hotel businesses out there, but only few stand the heat and are capable of running steadfastly. The only fundamental difference that separates them is having a strict following of certain values and practicing it.

A value-driven business is easy to understand and constantly makes you aware of the sole reason your hotel business is for.

Here are the 5 most important values you should instill in your hotel organization

1. Empathy

Empathy is the core value your hotel management system should target as it gives the hotel organization the ability to respect and share their customers and colleague’s perspective.

Empathy enables people to respect each other’s views and make decisions that are in the best interest of the hotel organization. Empathy helps to create an environment where each and everyone gets a feeling of being a part of the organization and not being let off. This encourages them to go above and beyond and help the hotel to grow.

Appreciating other people’s views and talking in terms of what they think gives them an incentive to speak their minds and provide innovative and creative ideas. Empathy also helps in communicating with customers and dealing with them in a positive manner.

No matter how great an organization you are and how particular you are with your service, there comes a time when mistakes happen while serving the customers. Instead of ignoring the mistakes and playing the blame game with your customers, empathy provides an alternative way. It helps us to think with their perspective and improve the service after accepting the mistakes.

2. Integrity

Integrity is being honest to yourself no matter the circumstances you are going through. Instilling Integrity gives the people around the organization accept that they can be wrong sometimes, that mistakes happen sometimes and that’s OK.

What is not preferable is to completely ignore our short-comings and live in the delusion case. Being honest to oneself helps us to grow and improve ourselves so that all can effectively contribute to the success of the business.

You cannot improve and change yourselves if you don’t know what you have to change. Integrity helps in this as it thrives on being honest and having strong principles. Integrity leads to a clear focus, quality of work, and long-term strategy.

Having a culture of integrity spread throughout the company, your employees will make better decisions with the long-term interest of your customers and hotel in mind. Integrity leads to trusting each other resulting in collaboration and teamwork which will minimize the costly disputes and do the work effectively.

3. Synergy

Having synergy among people who have a common goal of working for the betterment of a business is the foremost criteria that should be embedded. Cooperation among people leads to better ideas, accepts mistakes and comes with a greater idea to improve and grow the business.

Teamwork appears most effective if each individual helps each other to succeed, increasing the synergy of that team; ideally, every person will contribute different skills to increase the efficiency of the team and develop its unity.
- Andrew Carnegie

Helping each other to be the best version of oneself will directly lead to the success of the hotel organization. Each individual has their own peculiar quality to contribute to the organization. If these qualities are used in synergy, it will diminish the deficiency and increase efficiency.

When people come together and work as a team, it gives birth to strong, long-lasting alliances who are always eager to play a part in business success. Instill the value of synergy in your organization to create an environment of togetherness where everyone is ready to go above and beyond to help their peers.

4. Positivity

Working in a positive environment brings the best of everyone. There’s no greater loss for an organization than having a negative atmosphere.

It curbs everyone’s growth, instills ill thoughts and more importantly destroys the foundation of an organization. No one can always be positive due to their happenings in personal lives, but we can definitely avoid negativity from our body language.

Positivity gives the freedom to everyone to express themselves at their fullest, explore their creativity and reach one’s true potential. Positivity builds resilience to keep on working towards the goal despite the difficult blocks.

It helps in creating more energy to work for the organization. Positivity helps create enthusiasm in each and every one to come every day with the mission of achieving the common organizational goal. When a hotel has strong values, it’s staff members can differentiate between what is right or wrong.

Values are the fundamental pillars of your business growth. It reminds every one of the morals and the cause of the organization. It serves as a guiding book to your organization members on how they should conduct themselves.

Embedding strong values in hotels is not a cakewalk and it takes time. But the outcome is worth the effort as your hotel organization will run on a purpose and achieve what it aspires to.